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Friday, August 19, 2011

Back to School can you Belive it!

I can't believe it but Chase started school this week. It is just crazy that summer is already gone and Chase is back in school and Forrest is counting down the days to hunting season. The only good thing about hunting season is Rashelle and the kids come to stay on the weekends so I get to see her more. More Pics and fun stuff to come!

1st day of 2nd Grade!

I was told I had to take a pic of the backpack

Summer Milestones

Chase lost his first top tooth the last day of school.

This one is just funny I had to share it! :)


The crooked chipmunk look. 2 days before school started


Pics from the midwest

Chase in front of the cabin that we stayed at in Keo

On the Bridge over the Des Moines River

Chase on the river bridge

Lonna and Kerri at Kaleidoscope in KC

Kaylee and Chase at Fritzs

Chase in front of the train at Fritzs

Chase and his new Build-o-dino "Toothy"

Toothy hanging out and Dave and Busters

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Trip to the Midwest

So this summer we took our normal week off and headed for IA to visit Grandma Lonna and Mark. They moved to their "retirement cabin" last fall so we had to go and extra 1.5 hours more down the road to Keosauqua IA. Forrest was able to join us this year it was nice to have him along he had not been out in 3 years. It was way hotter this year than it had ever been before. The average temp while we were there was 100 and the humidity was high as well so we did a lot of inside things this time unlike most times. We visited a few Amish stores those are my favorite. We also went over to Kansas City for a couple of days to spend time with Kerri. Forrest had never meet her husband Dave to we all had a great time got to do some fun things in KC and had a pool party at Kerri's as well. Lots of fun was had by all and as always we didn't want to come home. Here some of my favorite pics along the way.

Fun with cousins

Mark and Rachel driving the car with 2 steering wheels...lol

Chase, Carly and Joseph right after they finished building their "house"

So July was a busy month for us a week before we went to IA my sister Melissa that lives in IN was here for a week for a family wedding on John's side of the family so we went to Salt Lake City for the day Mark and Rachel recently moved there so it was nice to see where they are living and it was nice to have family there again makes it easier to go and visit. Well we took all the kids to the Gateway Discovery Museum. The kids had lots of fun and then we went and had a picnic it was fun and the kids had a great time playing together.

Monday, March 21, 2011

I Have Been a Bad Blogger

I know I know...I have been a bad blogger. Its winter (blah) and work has not been calm like normal. Winter and the Carter's means boring and lots of vegetating. But I have been inspired to get back at it since I have some friends that have been blogging a lot lately. The only real exciting thing that has happened has been my last minute spring break girls only road trip. I flew out to Kansas City where Kerri (Forrest's sister) picked me up and her daughter KayLee and Lonna my mother-in-law were all going to drive to Texas. But at the last minute Lonna hurt her back so we went to IA to visit Lonna then went to MN and went to Mall of America for a couple of days. None of us had been there before and it was only a 6 hour drive so that was not bad at all. That place is huge and we only covered 2 floors it was crazy. We had lots of fun we stayed at a hotel across the street and it was way nice and had a kitchen in it so we went and found a Target and bought some breakfast stuff and snacks. Even though it was not 80 degrees and I didn't get to wear my flip flops I did get to go to a Skechers store and buy some new shoes, so that made up for it. I didn't take to many pics but here are a few and then the day after I got home my sister had her baby. It was a quick 10 mins. after they got into the room. So fast they didn't have time for IVs or drugs. Congrats Melissa he is cute and I can't wait to meet him!

The big Lego robot at Mall of America at Lego Land.
I'm hoping we can take Chase here sometime.
Deer just outside Lonna and Mark's Cabin in Keo

Ryan Benjamin Newton
March 18th

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wow what a wirlwind end to 2010

Well a lot has happened since I posted last. Lets see we had major busy Christmas season at work. Christmas was a uneventful and nice. Stayed home for most of it then spent Christmas night with Rashelle and her family we had a nice dinner and then played games and hung out it was a nice end to the day. I did get a few days off for the holiday which was nice. Then my little brother got married on the 31st, Him and Rachel decided to things a little backwards we had the reception on the 30th and then they got married on the morning of the 31st then we had a luncheon and then they left for their honeymoon and we got the rest of the day to relax and celebrate new year's eve. My sister Melissa came home from IN. for the wedding and it was good to see her it had been more than a year and she is having a baby in march so it might be the last time I see her again for awhile. Everything went well the couple looked great and happy. Then the weekend after my mom and dad went up to MT. for the open house for Mark and Rachel they managed to go all that way with out most of the snow and wind that the weathermen had predicted. Here are a couple of pics from Christmas and the wedding.

Chase and his new winter coat Santa brought ;)

Chase Opening Presents

Mark, Rachel, Mom, Dad and Grandma Winter

Forrest and Chase at the reception